Just A City Boy…Girl*

 Bruhklen –> Allbuhknee –> Melben

I’ve lived in Brooklyn all my life. That’s almost 21 years of honking, jaywalking, sirens, metro cards, overpriced movie tickets, $1 pizza, trendsetting fashions, creative talents, and bragging rights ’cause we produced Biggie, Jay-Z, Woody Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Fallon, and the honorable Judge Judy. I’ve enjoyed it all and never thought I could leave it behind. However, when it came time to decide on a college I knew I wanted to leave the city. I was willing to leave the city, but wanted to make sure the city didn’t leave me. I settled on being in the capital of New York state and enrolled in the University at Albany. After 5 semesters at UAlbany I have grown to love Albany, have a greater appreciation for Brooklyn, but now I’m leaving both behind….for a little while.

I have decided to travel down under for a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia! I am excited to be in Straya for 4 months. I have been accepted into a top university in Melbourne which makes me even more eager to go. I have bought my plane ticket, my new luggage, and loads of new clothes so I’m ready to go!

I’m ready to bring my Brooklyn swagger to the land down under and see how the two mix in. I’m looking forward to pulling out my thongs, barbies on the beach, and taking selfies with koalas….I don’t know about that vegemite though….






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